AC 700-9

Versatility Designed to Tackle Any Task

Longest main boom in its class
With its 60-meter-long main boom, the Demag AC 700-9 raises the bar in the 700-tonne capacity class. And the best thing of all: Despite the long boom, it can still travel within a 12-tonne axle load limit, enabling it to reach most work sites without a problem.

Capacity Class 700 USt / 800 t
Max Main Boom Length 196,9 ft / 60 m
Max System Length 490,5 ft / 149,5 m
Axles 9 / 9

The most compact 9-axle crane on the market
With a carrier length of 18.64 meters, the Demag AC 700-9 is the most compact crane of all 9-axle cranes. This makes it the perfect choice for all heavy-duty projects that require not just power, but also maneuverability.

Large crane projects can come with an extremely wide range of challenges. This is why having a crane that can be flexibly adapted to tackle any situation is a great advantage, and the Demag AC 700-9 is a prime example of this with its numerous boom variants, its central jack leg for heavy-load lifts, and a 10-meter outrigger base that enables it not to take up more footprint than a 500-tonne crane.

Enhanced lifting capacity with IC-1 Plus 
Thanks to its innovative IC-1 Plus control system, the Demag AC 700-9 can even handle lifts that are normally the exclusive job of larger cranes. The system is designed to calculate the crane’s lifting capacity for every position of the boom subject to the slewing angle of the superstructure, in real time. This means that the lifting capacity for a specific radius is no longer limited to the lowest value for a pre-calculated 360° lifting capacity, as used to be the case. Instead, the crane can always take full advantage of the maximum available lifting capacity. This advantage is particularly useful when it comes to lifts requiring an asymmetric outrigger setup.

Unrelenting when it comes to heavy-load lifts

The Demag AC 700-9 is a true hero that refuses to give up even when taking care of the heaviest loads out there. The standard star-type outriggers, which reduce system deformation noticeably and accordingly provide for extraordinary stability at higher lifting capacities, play a crucial role in this.