AC 100-4

A Performance Giant Even When Space Is Tight

The most compact crane in its class
The Demag AC 100-4 is hard to beat when it comes to work in tight space conditions: With an overall width of only 2.55 meters, the AC 100-4 is the most compact crane of the 100-tonne class even when equipped with large 445/95R25 tires. This means that it can be used indoors and in dense urban environments in which other cranes would be completely out of their element.

Capacity Class 120 USt / 100 t
Max Main Boom Length 164 ft / 50 m
Max System Length 253 ft / 77.1 m
Axles 4 / 4

Enhanced lifting capacity with IC-1 Plus
Thanks to its innovative IC-1 Plus control system, the Demag AC 100-4 can even handle lifts that are normally the exclusive job of larger cranes. The system is designed to calculate the crane’s lifting capacity for every position of the boom subject to the slewing angle of the superstructure, in real time. This means that the lifting capacity for a specific radius is no longer limited to the lowest value for a pre-calculated 360° lifting capacity, as used to be the case. Instead, the crane can always take full advantage of the maximum available lifting capacity. This advantage is particularly useful when it comes to lifts requiring an asymmetric outrigger setup.

More shared components = lower costs
The AC 100-4 combines powerful performance with low maintenance costs. This is made possible by the fact that many of its components feature the same design as those in Demag 5-axle units. This makes maintenance easier for your service technicians and lowers your spare parts inventory costs.