AC 1000-9

The Flagship of Demag All Terrain Cranes

Powerful & roadworthy
With a lifting capacity of 1,200 tonnes, the Demag AC 1000-9 is the world’s most powerful all terrain crane. In addition, it can travel within an axle load limit of 12 tonnes with its 50-meter main boom. This enables it to travel everywhere and on nearly any road to any work site.

Capacity Class 1,320 USt / 1,200 t
Max Main Boom Length 164 / 328.1 ft / 50 / 100 m
Max System Length 535.8 / 494.4 ft / 163.3 / 150.7 m
Axles 9 / 9

50 or 100-meter main boom
The Demag AC 1000-9 comes with a 50-meter main boom as standard. If necessary, however, you can also order it with a 100-meter main boom. And it is also a world champion in this regard, as no other all terrain crane offers a longer main boom. With the 50-meter main boom and the optional luffing jib, the crane reaches a maximum system length of 163.3 meters, which makes the unit unbeatable when it comes to large construction projects.

Unrelenting when it comes to heavy-load lifts

The Demag AC 1000-9 is a true hero that refuses to give up even when taking care of the heaviest loads out there. The standard star-type outriggers, which reduce system deformation noticeably and accordingly provide for extraordinary stability at higher lifting capacities, play a crucial role in this.

Interchangeability is important: CC-compatible counterweights
Cost-effectiveness is particularly important when it comes to large cranes. This is why the counterweights for the Demag AC 1000-9 are identical to those for the Demag CC lattice boom crawler cranes. This not only makes transportation logistics easier, but also reduces operating and inventory costs.