AC 350-6

A Compact Powerhouse

Uniquely versatile
The Demag AC 350-6 combines characteristics that are difficult to find elsewhere: With a 64-meter-long main boom and a maximum system length of 126 meters, it reaches impressive lifting heights. And with a rated lifting capacity of 350 tonnes thanks to the optional Superlift system, it can bring impressive power to bear. This combination of power and reach makes it one of the most versatile cranes on the market.

Capacity Class 400 USt / 350 t
Max Main Boom Length 210 ft / 64 m
Max System Length 412.4 ft / 125.7 m
Axles 6 / 6

No other crane is as compact in the same capacity class
With a total length of only 16.71 meters, the Demag AC 350-6 is the most compact crane of its capacity class. In combination with its excellent maneuverability, this especially makes it the crane of choice for work at sites with tight space conditions.

Quick to set up
Time is money, which is why we equipped the Demag AC 350-6 with technical solutions designed to enable particularly cost-effective operation: For instance, the Demag AC 350-6 features not only an automatic counterweight rigging function, but also a patented rigging system for the luffing jib – this way you can be ready for your lifts at the work site quickly.