AC 55-3

Efficiency with Demag Quality

The name Demag stands for quality in the industry. And that goes for the new Demag AC 55-3: The crane had to prove its reliability and ability to perform under tough conditions time and time again in field tests before it was allowed to bear its name. The result is a true Demag that not only sets new standards in terms of quality, but that is also designed to make your work easy and efficient with a host of technical innovations.

Capacity Class 60 USt / 55 t
Max Main Boom Length 164 ft / 50 m
Max System Length 167.3 ft / 51 m
Axles 3 / 3

One-Man Operation
When fully equipped with all counterweights and attachments, the new Demag AC 55-3 remains just under a 12-tonne axle load so it can hit the road without a problem. In other words: It does not require additional transport vehicles, eliminating the associated costs. Moreover, the Demag AC 55-3 can be quickly set up on-site, as it already carries everything it needs to get working.

A new record: Best in class with a 50-meter main boom
With its 50-meter-long telescopic main boom, the new Demag AC 55-3 far outperforms all other cranes in its class. This enables it to take care of a large number of lifts without the need for an extension – something that cannot be said for its “classmates” and that eliminates additional setup and transportation costs. The unit’s maximum radius is also impressive at a solid 38 meters!

Maximum lifting capacity
Thanks to its innovative IC-1 Plus control system, the Demag AC 55-3 can even handle lifts that are normally the exclusive job of larger cranes. The system is designed to calculate the crane’s lifting capacity for every position of the boom subject to the slewing angle of the superstructure, in real time. This means that the lifting capacity for a specific radius is no longer limited to the lowest value for a pre-calculated 360° lifting capacity, as used to be the case. Instead, the crane can always take full advantage of the maximum available lifting capacity. This advantage is particularly useful when it comes to lifts requiring an asymmetric outrigger setup.