AC 60-3

More Efficiency at the Work Site

The Demag AC 60-3 combines reliability, high efficiency at the work site and roadability.

A new record: Best in class with a 50-meter main boom
With its 50-meter-long telescopic main boom, the Demag AC 60-3 far outperforms all other cranes in its class. This enables it to take care of a large number of lifts without the need for a boom extension – something that cannot be said for its “classmates” and that eliminates additional setup and transportation costs. The unit’s maximum radius is also impressive at a solid 40 meters!

Capacity Class 65 USt / 60 t
Max Main Boom Length 164 ft / 50 m
Max System Length 216.5 ft / 66 m
Axles 3 / 3

Record II: A system length of 66 meters
The Demag AC 60-3 makes it possible to reach heights and reaches that were previously unheard of. In fact, no other crane in its class has a longer system length – and this even with an axle load of 12 tonnes: With a 50-meter main boom plus an optional 16-meter extension, you can make the Demag AC 60-3 the crane with the longest system length of all 3-axle units on the market right away.

Ready to lift in no time at all
The automatic counterweight rigging system enables the Demag AC 60-3 to be easily and quickly set up: Once the superstructure is positioned in the defined slewing range, the counterweight stack placed on the carrier deck is automatically rigged. The entire system also works via remote control from outside the superstructure cab.