AC 80-4

Outlifting the competition. Again. The next generation AC 80.

With its 60-meter main boom and its compact design, the AC 80‑4 covers an enormous range of applications. This applies especially in conjunction with the IC‑1 Plus control system in combination with Flex Base, which makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their range. This will definitely make it the crane of choice for many jobs in which space conditions are tight. Whether used as a main crane or as a powerful assist crane, a lifting capacity in steep boom positions that is unbeatable in its class ensures that the AC 80‑4 will be present at many work sites in the future.

Capacity Class 88 USt / 80 t
Max Main Boom Length 196.9 ft / 60 m
Max System Length 218.2 ft / 66.5 m
Axles 4 / 4


Powerful – outstanding lifting capacities with a main boom length of 50 and 60 meters

In the class of up to 100 tonnes, no other crane comes close to the lifting capacity achieved by the AC 80-4 with a fully extended boom up to a radius of 30 meters: For example, it can lift an impressive 5.4 tonnes at a radius of 14 meters. It also raises the bar when its main boom is extended to 50 meters: At a radius of ten meters, it can lift 9.7 tonnes, which is 2.2 tonnes more than the next most powerful competitor.

When more is needed – even more versatile with a main boom extension

When the main boom length of 60 meters is not enough, the AC 80-4’s reach can be expanded with a 6.5‑meter main boom extension that can be offset by 25° and 50°. Its capacity is a generous 23.8 tonnes, meaning that it can be used to lift heavy loads over obstacles. Since the extension can be folded and carried on the main boom, it can be ready for use particularly quickly. In addition, there is a 1.50-meter runner with a capacity of 26.6 tonnes available for the Demag AC 80-4. This will make the AC 80-4 the first crane of choice for a large number of indoor projects.

Right on board – Demag IC‑1 Plus and Flex Base innovations

During operation, the innovative Demag IC‑1 Plus control system determines the crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position as a function of the superstructure’s slewing angle. This means that the maximum available lifting capacity can be used with any outrigger configuration, including asymmetrical ones.

This advantage is maximized when combined with the Flex Base system, which makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their range. This enables the crane to extend them all the way to surrounding obstacles and get the maximum possible lifting capacity under all conditions. Moreover, it makes it possible to take care of lifts that would normally be the exclusive purview of larger cranes – and in places that these cranes would not be able to reach at all due to their dimensions.

Everything in view – Demag Surround View

The AC 80-4 features four cameras that keep everything in view. With the help of a computer-assisted diagram, this makes it possible to graphically show the possible extension lengths for the outriggers and the counterweight tailswing radius on the display in the carrier cab. This makes it significantly easier to position the crane at job sites. And Demag Surround View also helps on the way to the site by making it easier for crane operators to notice pedestrians and cyclists when turning.

Quiet and with zero emissions – the AC 80-4 running with the ESTA-award-winning E-Pack

The electro-hydraulic E-Pack features an integrated 32-kW electric motor that enables the AC 80-4 to operate whisper-quiet and with zero emissions. The unit, which is available as an option, is recommended for crane jobs inside buildings, in dense urban areas, and at night in residential areas – in other words, anywhere where you may have to adhere to stricter emission and noise requirements that make conventional crane operation with a diesel engine impossible.

Connect. Manage. Service. With IC‑1 Remote.

IC‑1 Remote allows for efficient, data-assisted crane and fleet management in which both the location and all the operating conditions of the AC 80-4 are visible: From the load weight on the hook during an operation to the main boom length, complete with boom angle and wind speed data, to the fuel level and the oil and coolant levels including temperatures. And all this from anywhere, provided a web browser is available.

All the benefits of the AC 80-4 at a glance

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