CC 3800-1 Boom Booster

The Demag CC 3800-1 Boom Booster increases the main boom’s stiffness, boosting the crane’s lifting capacity by up to 65,3%. Boom Booster kits for CC 3800-1 cranes are available in lengths of 24 to 102 meters.     The welded steel structure consists of up to nine sections with a length of twelve meters, comes with the Demag fall protection system as standard, and is designed for being directly mounted on the crane. When equipped with the Boom Booster kit, the CC 3800-1 crane can reach an impressive maximum hook height of 174,5 meters and lift loads of up to 92,5 tonnes. This means that this cost-effective crane is effectively raising the bar for its lifting capacity class worldwide, as the Boom Booster kit enables it to handle lifts that would otherwise be the exclusive domain of cranes in the 750-tonne class. These parameters make this multifunctional crane especially well-suited to erecting large wind turbines, which usually require lifting heights of more than 140 meters.

The Boom Booster optional kit is available with all new CC 3800-1 crane orders. It can also be ordered separately as a retrofit kit for the Demag CC 3800-1 and Superlift 3800 cranes.

Available For Models CC 3800-1