IC-1 Remote

Connect. Manage. Service.

Having easily accessible and relevant operating data at hand is the key to making informed business decisions about your crane fleet. The new Demag IC-1 Remote advanced telematics solution gives you the data you need to monitor your crane fleet, anytime and from anywhere an internet connection is available. The cloud-based data helps you to make more profitable investments, increase job planning efficiency and reduce downtime through improved service planning.

IC-1 Remote is available for nearly all Demag all terrain cranes, and for multiple Demag crawler cranes. Consisting of only a radio unit with a SIM card connected to a central cloud server for data storage and transmission, IC-1 Remote is available as a field retrofit kit for various series of Demag all terrain and crawler crane models. 

IC-1 Remote delivers crucial data for:

  • Fleet management
  • Service planning
  • Remote troubleshooting

*Note: please refer to terms and conditions for data protection questions

With the data provided by IC-1 Remote, you can manage your crane fleet in an efficient and data-driven manner to improve planning efficiency. It allows you to track previous crane work history for projects completed and the duration of the contract. This allows you to bid smarter and make more profitable investments through smart and efficient utilization analysis.

The Demag telematics solution gives you visibility of a crane’s location plus a host of operating metrics such as:

  • Main boom length
  • Jib length
  • Counterweight
  • Outrigger base
  • Load weight
  • Operating radius
  • Wind speed
  • Fluid levels – fuel, oil and coolant

This data, securely password protected, is accessible from a computer or mobile device, wherever there’s an internet connection. Its opening dashboard gives authorized users an overview and operating status of all fleet cranes connected to the network. Only designated personnel can access the data, and the reports are customizable, so the right information gets to the right person for decision-making.

IC-1 Remote signals alarms, generates regular reports, assists in planning routine maintenance and allows for key personnel to be established to receive fault codes.

IC-1 Remote informs you about small issues, so they can be addressed before becoming major, more costly events. The customizable system allows service technicians to define specific maintenance parameters like hoist service hours and critical oil threshold levels, so trigger notifications are received when those levels are reached.

With IC-1 Remote, these critical machine operating conditions are merely a mouse-click away…

  • Operating hours
  • Temperatures
  • Fluid levels
  • Pressures
  • Error codes

In addition to access by crane operators, support services via IC-1 Remote through the manufacturer’s customer service are included. In other words: A Service team member can access the control system information and run an online fault analysis. This capability considerably increases service speed and drastically reduces the time needed to restore a crane to full operation, minimizing expensive downtimes and disruptions.

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