Split Tray

The Superlift Split Tray with quick coupling technology can be used when setting up the main boom of the CC 3800-1 with or without the Boom Booster kit: Once the main boom is set up, the counterweight that is no longer required can easily be uncoupled, after which the crane can move with only the superlift counterweight that is still needed. The Split Tray reduces the amount of assembly time and personnel required and eliminates the need for an assist crane for this particular procedure, making it possible to reduce costs by up to 10,000 euros per lift according to calculations.

The Split Tray is available separately but shows its advantages best when working in combination with the Flex Frame and superlift mast extension to reduce rigging time and the need for an assist crane.

The Split Tray is also available for the new Demag CC 2800-2 crawler crane.

Available For Models CC 3800-1, CC 2800-2