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Demag AC 45 City and AC 160-5 for Fanger

The people at Swiss crane service provider Fanger are well aware of the lasting quality of Demag cranes – after all, the company has had a Demag AC 40 City in operation for twenty years. “And we’ve gotten consistently good results for the entirety of that period, so it was only natural for us to get its successor, the AC 45 City. After all, it does everything the AC 40 City does but better,” reports Fanger Cranes & Transportation Division Manager Josef Waser. The thing he found most compelling about the new AC 45 City was its compact design in combination with a fully hydraulic main boom and a short boom base section. Moreover, the Flex Base system, which makes it possible to extend the crane’s outriggers to any point within their range, was another important plus factor, as were the large loads that can be telescoped even when the boom is in a horizontal position. As far as he is concerned, these characteristics made the AC 45 City the ideal crane for indoor jobs, as well as courtyard projects requiring the crane to go through low-clearance and narrow access points. In addition, its short dimensions and low weight also make it the machine of choice for peripheral and mountainous areas that have limited access options. “All these characteristics together make the crane enormously versatile. And needless to say, this means that there will always be work for it and that it will be very cost-effective as a result,” he explains.

He then mentions that the Demag AC 160-5, which Fanger ordered together with the AC 45 City, is also characterized by outstanding versatility and by a compact design. In fact, the latter makes it possible to work under very tight space conditions in combination with a space-saving asymmetrical outrigger base and a tight counterweight tailswing radius. “This means that we can also expect a lot of work for this crane, and part of that is also due to the fact that its compact dimensions make it ideal for projects outside the 160-tonne class. For instance, it’s also perfect for the 100-tonne class when used with a 6.3-tonne counterweight, and this keeps it within a 12-tonne axle load limit and eliminates the need for a truck to transport the counterweight,” Josef Waser says while explaining another advantage. Among other applications, Fanger will be using the AC 160-5 for tower crane erection work. And its superb boom length of 68 meters and large lifting capacities, even with long boom configurations, should make it perfect for the job, as it has already proven in its first project.

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