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Steil takes delivery of 3 new Demag AC 45 City cranes

From left to right: Stephan Blum (Yard Manager), Daniel Gödert (Company Officer), Markus Blum (Field Service), Gabriele Marx (Scheduling), Tobias Clodo (Scheduling), dog Nivo (Dunning Management), Birgit Steil (Managing Director), Niclas Kany (Scheduling), Frank Nicklas (Branch Manager), Lars Stephany (City Crane Operator)

The people at Steil Kranarbeiten are convinced that the Demag® AC 45 City is a machine that should be found in every fleet – that is why the Trier-based company has now put three of these cranes into operation at various locations simultaneously: One of them will remain at the handover location in the Saarland municipality of Saarwellingen, another will be stationed in Bierbach, and the last one will be going to Ludwigshafen in order to work on jobs for BASF.

Nearly the entire Saarwellingen location team, including General Manager Birgit Steil and authorized signatory Daniel Gödert, was there to take delivery of the crane. “We were already using an AC 40 City, which was completely unbeatable at tight work sites thanks to its compact design – in fact, we called it our ‘two-wheeler’,” Daniel Gödert reports. He then explains that the company’s good experiences with the AC 40 City basically meant that deciding on its successor was only natural, especially since the latter’s performance characteristics are significantly more impressive in many areas. “We’ll be using the cranes primarily indoors, as that’s where they can really shine with their compact dimensions and their ability to steplessly telescope the boom while under load. In fact, the AC 45 City is considerably more impressive than its already-great predecessor in this regard,” he points out. As other advantages for indoor work, he mentions the runner with its boom head traverse, which can be used to reach just under the ceiling and take advantage of those final crucial centimeters. He also has words of praise for the Flex Base continuously variable outrigger extension system – not only because of the greater lifting capacity, but also because of the safety that comes with the crane operator being able to see the range in which they are moving with their crane at any time on the monitor.

Accordingly, the people at Steil were really looking forward to seeing how the new cranes would perform once in action: “In short: Perfectly!” Birgit Steil succinctly puts it. “Our high expectations were more than met – every single crane passed its first test with flying colors.”

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