The excitement speaks for itself

At Demag, we think our three-axle cranes are amazing. And we are not alone. Our customers are also thrilled with the cranes. Following are some comments from appreciative AC 55-3 owners from all over Europe.

“The reason we decided on the AC 55-3 is that, as far as we’re concerned, it has the most compelling specifications of any unit in its class, bar none,” Munich-based Autokranvermietung AKM General Manager Sven Bauer reports. The 50-m main boom and the compact dimensions “make the AC 55-3 an extremely versatile machine and will enable us to use it not only for house construction and for lifting and installing components, but also as an assist crane for setting up bigger cranes.”

The AC 55-3 also has fans in the Netherlands. Marc Peperkamp, General Manager of Dutch company Baetsen Kraanverhuur, points to another advantage behind the crane: “To put it simply, the Demag AC 55-3 is as versatile as it gets for us, and a huge part of that is due to its 50-meter-long main boom, which is the longest on any crane belonging to the same class. On top of this, a fully-equipped AC 55-3 will still remain under the 12-tonne axle load limit for road traffic.”

For Mammoet and Mediaco, qualitative aspects were the most important when it came to choosing the AC 55-3. “The main reason why we chose the Demag AC 55-3 is its outstanding lifting capacity. In addition, the AC 55-3 is an extraordinarily robust and reliable crane, as our Dutch colleagues have confirmed,” explains Vitor da Costa, part of Mammoet’s Fleet Maintenance staff.

“The quality and the innovative equipment features were the deciding factors that led us to Demag’s all terrain crane range,” explains Frédéric Gilbert, the Chief Operations Manager of French crane service provider Mediaco. “We ordered several Demag AC 55-3 cranes, as the model is extremely versatile. It features an impressive 50-m main boom – the longest in any three-axle crane model – and can maneuver effortlessly through tight urban areas thanks to its compact dimensions.”

The crane experts from Wiesbauer, which is headquartered in Bietigheim-Bissingen, are also full of praise: “In addition to the compliance with axle load limits, we were especially impressed by the AC 55-3’s longest main boom in its class at 50 meters, which makes the use of additional jibs superfluous for many jobs. This means that in most cases the crane is ready to get to work right away and without additional assembly work,” explains Norman Weitzel, the General Manager of the Wiesbauer branch in Plankstadt. “The crane can be operated very easily. It is very well fine-tuned and can be operated with extreme precision.”

Still not convinced? Then watch a product walkaround video with AC 55-3 expert Christian Fuhrmeister.


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