In a class of their own. Our three-axle cranes.

Hello and welcome to our blog, “Three axles – endless possibilities.” We will be keeping you up to date on the many advantages behind our AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 three-axle terrain cranes in the coming days and weeks here. We are sure that there will be things that you will find surprising and exciting. Take a peek!  

Our AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 three-axle cranes are advantageous in many scenarios, and cost-effective above all. For starters, we would like to go over the most important highlights with you one by one. Then, in the posts that follow, we will take a deep dive into the technology. Now that we have you here, let us get started!

The advantages behind the AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 at a glance:

  • The longest main boom of any three-axle unit, coming in at 50 m
  • Single-person operation with minimal setup complexity
  • No additional vehicles required for 12 t axle load limits with the AC 55-3
  • No additional vehicles required for 16.5 t axle load limits with the AC 60-3
  • The highest line pull in their class: 6.8 t
  • IC-1 Plus: Calculates lifting capacity in real time
  • Flex Base: Outriggers can be extended to any point in their range
  • IC-1 Remote: Remote servicing for optimum support
  • IC-1 Lift Plan: Intuitive online crane project planning
  • CRANEbee support: Easy and straightforward crane project planning even for complex lifts

Where do the three-axle cranes’ advantages shine in particular?

  • When used as a taxi crane (the crane can carry the whole counterweight during travel)
  • In projects inside buildings (compact dimensions)
  • In projects where space is tight (variable outrigger extension makes it possible to always use the maximum available lifting capacity)
  • When used as an assist or setup crane (very large lifting capacities at tight radii)

Stay tuned and get ready for a deep look at the world of Demag three-axle cranes. Until next time!


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