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Baran orders first Demag cranes compliant with EU Stage V

For a long time now, Demag® AC 220-5 all terrain cranes have been a mainstay of Polish crane service provider Baran’s fleet – and two additional ones will be joining the fold at the beginning of next year. So what is so special about these cranes? They will be the first delivered Demag AC 220-5 cranes to feature engines that comply with the new EU Stage V emissions standard. In order to adhere to the corresponding strict limits, these engines have highly effective particulate filters that limit both the amount of emitted particles and their size.

Demag took the implementation of the new emissions standard as an opportunity to improve the 5-axle unit’s performance as well. Accordingly, the Scania engine’s output was increased from 368 kW to 405 kW, and the transmission was upgraded to the latest ZF transmission version: the ZF TraXon. With these changes, Demag is providing its customers with a 5-axle crane that has significantly better handling performance. “The optimized torque characteristics, in combination with improved shifting, mean lower fuel consumption and enhanced gradeability on roads,” adds Dr. Frank Schröder, Product Management Director All Terrain Cranes.

 “As a longtime Demag partner, we know that the cranes from Zweibrücken always reflect the latest state of the art. And when you take their powerful and reliable products into account, it’s no surprise that we think of Demag as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lifting equipment and accordingly have absolute faith in their cranes,” company owner Robert Baran points out.

When explaining why his company ordered the two new AC 220-5 cranes, he mentions the model’s extraordinary performance: “We’re one of the biggest crane companies in Poland, and as a result, we specialize in power plant construction projects, wind turbine erection projects, as well as infrastructure and bridge construction projects. That means that the Demag AC 220-5 cranes’ long main boom and compact design make them simply unbeatable as far as we’re concerned.” In addition to these powerful performance characteristics, however, he also mentions his appreciation for Demag’s sales team and fast customer service: “The thing that really seals the deal for us every time is the whole package!”.

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