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New Demag AC 100-4L for Eurocaba 3000 S.L.

If you look for a Tadano or Demag crane in the fleets of any of the five companies that make up western Spanish crane service provider Caba Elevación, you will find one pretty quickly: In 2016, Grúas Pacheco put a Demag® AC 160-5 into operation, Eurogrúas Parra did the same with a Tadano® ATF 130G-5 in 2018, and now Eurocaba 3000 has done the same with a Demag AC 100-4L.

“The positive experiences that our partner companies have had with Tadano Demag cranes made it easy for us to decide on the AC 100-4L. In addition, we also have an older AC 100 from 2003 in our fleet that has proven to be extremely reliable over the years,” reports Manuel Jose Guerrero Benitez, CEO. The IC‑1 Plus control system, which is also featured by Grúas Pacheco’s AC 160-5, was a crucial factor in the purchase decision as well. “Our co-workers are absolutely thrilled with this control system, so we really had to get our hands on one as well,” mentions Manuel Jose Guerrero Benitez. Another advantage behind the AC 100-4L was its small width of only 2.55 meters, which makes it the most compact crane in the 100-tonne class.

All Caba Elevación companies consider that the merger between Tadano and Demag is a positive development that will make both brands stronger and will enable them to grow further. “That makes Tadano Demag an extremely attractive business partner for us,” Manuel Jose Guerrero Benitez points out.

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